Facebook Not Live

Tomcat's "Facebook Not Live" was a Facebook Live event where the audience got to choose how each mouse died.

The entire production was done in house - we sewed the mini costumes, we were the voice actors, we did the puppeteering, and we shot it.

Like all movies, it was hyped with a trailer and posters, and shared across shared across social media the week before Halloween. We featured all the usual horror movie tropes in our mouse cast, including a ditzy cheerleader, a dumb jock, and a nosy sheriff. This generated enormous interest - the trailer alone received 2.2 million views in just one week.

The movie premiered in real time on Facebook Live on Halloween. As a Dead Mouse character was about to be killed, the story paused and viewers had 20 seconds to vote on how that mouse should die. And die they did, by falling down wells, torching by flamethrower, even getting eaten by disco-dancing bears. But ultimately, nothing killed as quickly as Tomcat bait.

We had a blockbuster opening - in total, we reached 2.3 million unique users. 21% of our movie viewers actively participated in murdering our mice, choosing how they would die through over 1,600 comments. As Andrew Keller, Global Creative Director of Facebook Creative Shop noted: “Tomcat brilliantly used the possibility of real-time audience participation to create something fun and cool.” Most impressively, we increased our Facebook fanbase by 58% - giving us a new audience to keep sharing Dead Mouse Theatre with.

The campaign won a Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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