Little Caesars


For client Little Caesars our teams came up with a new use (or misuse) of Canvas’s 360 video and tilt to pan capabilities to promote the surprise you find inside every Little Caesars Stuffed Crust deep dish pizza. That surprise being tons of mozzarella and muenster cheese.

We then took the floating heads from our launch commercial and put them in our 360 video to set up the idea that life is full of surprises.

When you tilted and panned to view the characters, each floating head was changed in a surprising way.

This idea was supported by an Instagram mosaic and Facebook posts called “Stuffed Crust Thoughts”.

The Canvas launch received a 26% engagement rate. The ad had a 5.9% click through rate into Canvas and had nearly 65% of people watching the video once inside the unit.

  • Digital/Social
  • Video