Ragu Integrated Case Study

We wanted to remind Mom's that Ragu was Kid's favorite pasta sauce.

Advertisers are quick to paint childhood as idyllic. But the truth is that growing up is really, really hard. And todays family is brutally honest about it.

You have no money, everyone can tell you what to do, you can’t even watch an R-rated movie. We called this “The Tragedy of Childhood”. Treating kids to their favorite meal (in our case, their favorite pasta sauce) is a simple way of comforting kids after a long day.

A fully integrated campaign of TV, radio, display, mobile & social was born.

Within minutes of our first commercial airing, Ragu was the sixth trending topic on Twitter. It continued to generate buzz for days and weeks to come, including mentions on The Jimmy Kimmel Show,
Chelsea Lately and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

In October we extended the campaign by capitalizing on the curious Youtube trend of parents filming their kids having tough days. We went for the most famous; Charlie bit my finger.

We launched the “Give em Ragu” app, which saw nearly 20,000 downloads in two weeks, with thousands of videos being made by users all sharing their own stories of a long day of childhood.
In all, our campaign was mentioned in the press over 353 times delivering 201 million additional impressions.

And our Charlie Bit My Finger web video alone was mentioned 131 times in the press, including being featured on the Today show the day after it launched, earning Ragu an additional 183 million impressions.

Not bad for a little sauce with a big taste.

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