Clash of Clans

The Builder

Clash of Clans is telling its biggest game story ever—through the game world and the real world. For the first time ever, a character is leaving the game and embarking on a month long adventure...outside of the game.

For the last 5 years Clash of Clans has been nothing but war and destruction, which is great fun for all the characters and players. All except one person. The Builder, the character in the game who builds and rebuilds your base, weapons, and structures. For 5 years he’s had to see his beautiful works of art get constantly destroyed, and he’s finally had it. He’s leaving the game in search of somewhere where his creations won’t get destroyed.

Millions of fans are be able to follow the Builder as he travels through social, augmented reality, and makes his mark on the real world.

The first place he decides to build is in Brooklyn. He noticed New Yorkers are always running out of battery on their phone so he builds them a massive 18 foot Tesla Tower in Brooklyn Bridge park, as well as a statue of his friend P.E.K.K.A., a warrior from the game, to help scare off Dragons that might want to attack Brooklyn Bridge park. P.E.K.K.A. is built with local NYC supplies including traffic cones, a taxi hood and purple LED lights. Visitors will be able to see the Builder actually working on his creations in the real world by using a Facebook AR experience on site.

The next build took place in London's South Bank. Three pop-up structures straight out of Clash of Clans: two working Air Sweepers featuring motion-sensing, high-output fans, and a statue of Barbarian made of London-inspired materials.

From there, the Builder headed to Huntington Beach where overnight he built working water cannons and a massive 12 x 23 foot statue of the Giant.

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