Snyder's of Hanover

Pretzels, Baby

For more than 100 years, Snyder’s of Hanover has been the category leader in pretzels. But we couldn’t rest on our laurels. We needed to reclaim pretzels’ rightful place in the snacking world.

In our first campaign for Synder’s Lance, we gave the pretzel brand the confidence it deserved as the world’s best snack, thanks to spokesperson Laura Wernette, who played a serious, somber, character with attitude.

The tough guy spokesperson had been done hundreds, even thousands of times for brands. We knew it was time for a woman to play the role. We cast hundreds of people for the role, but there was no better fit than Laura. She brought a particular swag to the role we needed.

To start, we launched a series of spots starring Wernette, portraying a pretzel-loving suburbanite confidently boasting Snyder’s of Hanover as the best snack. She didn’t care if you don’t believe her. She smashed pretzels with her fists. And then served pretzels at the next backyard barbecue.

Then we launched a hyper targeted social media campaign, sharing personalized videos on Twitter. If someone tweeted they liked wanted a snack, Wernette responded with a video confidently citing ‘pretzels were the first snack, because before pretzels, there were just meals. And long waits in between meals.’

If someone tweeted they liked pretzels without specifying a variety, Wernette would share a two minute rant listing different shapes + varieties of Snyder’s of Hanover's pretzels. And if someone tweeted about the campaign, they’d get a simple, confident video of Wernette saying ‘Pretzels Baby, yeah you heard me’

Andy Richter tweeted: ‘Look I don’t have a problem with the pretzel lady wearing a wig, I’m just saying why that wig’ launching a three day Twitter war, that garnered millions of social impressions and ended with Andy being banned from pretzels.

On digital banners, she bet people $500 Snyder’s are the most flavorful snack ever. And when everyone lost, she told them where to send the money.

The sentiment of ‘Pretzels Baby’ was shared across all communication channels. We made billboards with copy ‘Making tasty, wholesome snacks since before you were born. And we don’t even know when you were born.’ On National Pretzel Day, we flew a ‘Pretzels Baby’ sign over baseball stadiums.

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